Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Yarn class in Egersund

My schedule (working, blogging, pattern writing, family time, creative play, slouching on the couch, new class concepts, yadda, yadda, yadda...) leaves me with a backlog of pictures and great blog posts in my head. On one hand I wish I could catch up, but on the other hand it’s quite nice to have a backlog of ideas for whenever that dry spell hits me in the back of my head.

Anyway; two weeks ago, on the hottest day of the year, 28 degrees Celsius thank you very much, I packed my car and set off to Egersund where I was invited to teach a Playing with yarn class at H. E. Seglem. It was a hot trip, but comfortable enough as I know the road and was fully stacked up on soda, sandwiches, apples and low sugar snacks. All good. I parked my car, ate one of my sandwiches and then the fan in my car broke. Great. Full speed or nothing, neither of them really comfortable. Oh ...

The class was fun, the students nice, and many lovely works of art created during class. Thank you for having me over, ladies!

The drive home was slightly more uncomfortable. My soda was hot, the sandwich too, the chocolate melted, the fan still broken (I kept trying turning it on – just in case), my CD player gave up and my radio would only play one channel with jazz music which I hated. I was laughing to myself, counting my blessings that I was alone in the car without someone complaining in the back seat. Thank goodness for my phone with podcasts saved for a rainy (or in this case sunny) day – Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski and Julie Fei-Fen Balzer kept me entertained and happy all the way home.

I’ll be teaching another class in Egersund this fall. No problem, my fan has been fixed and there will always be new episodes of fun podcasts saved for a rainy day and come October, it will probably be one of those…


  1. Not only can you sew a beautiful picture but you can tell a great story and make me feel like I'm there with you....in the heat of that car....with unwanted music....and melted chocolate....but happy anyway!

  2. Fun class, I like what your students accomplished, wow. Funnier story about the car.....glad the fan is fixed. xox

  3. Looks like you are an excellent teacher... I love the projects. Have fun going to the next class.