Saturday, 30 June 2012

June recap

I’m not sure what happened to June but tomorrow is July already. I have had some computer issues this month which has left it turned off for the better part of the month, and I have made my first attempts at blogging from my phone.

Phone blogging is no less than an adventure I’d say. As I live in Norway and am a Norwegian, my phone is set up for the Norwegian language. This has been quite an interesting feature as it keeps translating English into Norwegian words totally unrelated to what I’m writing, and sometimes into English words which it thinks it recognizes from previous entries. The translations are sometimes funny and other times rather nasty. Sometimes I’ll catch them, sometimes I think I fixed it, and sometimes I’m just too fast – for which I apologize. I’ll be handing in my computer soon so consider yourselves warned; I’ll be keeping the posts short and sweet to stay clear of unintentional spelling errors.

Anyways, computer or no computer, life has been moving on and these are few of the June highlights:

Beautiful sunsets should never go by unappreciated

Painting paper towels with grandson

Urban sketching trying to capture the fascinating lines on some new houses down the road

Cuddle time

Watching the soccer stadium fill for a Mods concert

and listening to 25000 people singing Tore Tang which is kind of our city’s anthem

Realizing woolen yarn should not be couched onto cushions

Vacuuming the local thrift stores for new supplies for an upcoming class

Enjoying one of the statues from the exhibition Broken Column which I pass every Tuesday night

Spending a Wednesday evening with my sewing group cutting scraps into strings

Enjoying lots of time with this guy

The baby quilt made for grandbaby being published in Quiltemagasinet

Adding gesso to this mixed media quilt as an attempt to tone it down

which did not work. Really.

Cutting pieces from the thrift store scarves and leaving thread trails all over the house

Seeing my book in a book store

Toning down black in a mixed media piece a notch by adding paint

Continuing my mixed media quilting adventure with a size 100 jeans needle which leaves almost decent stitches

and some clearly visible holes when unpicked. Never mind, now it’s finished.

Thank you for all your well wishes regarding my toe woe, it is healing very well, thank you very much, and I’m back in shoes. That is the one pair of shoes which will accommodate my brand new silicone toe guard. Yes indeed, I am a silicone babe now and quite happy not to be walking around in one shoe and one sandal any more. I have 4 pair of new-ish shoes being stretched at the shoe repair place right now and one pair being ice stretched in the freezer. Not to worry, they are safely and hygienically packed in plastic bags. Will it work? Well, I don’t know but it’s worth a try as the shoes are unwearable anyway.

Ok, July, I’m ready. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I am spending mine with my guys.)


  1. Så bra at det går bedre med deg! Og det er så kjekt å få se på alt det spennende du gjør og prøver ut;)

  2. so much creative fun going on in your month. i'm wishing you another one that is equally brilliant with inspiration.

    i've been having so much fun working on some atc's . . . just a stitch here, a glued bit there . . . all fitting in nicely to the odd small moments of extra time that i can find.

    i just couldn't seem to get interested in the "urban" theme for the sketchbook challange in june . . . did no sketching at all this month :-O
    i think the theme for july is "circles". i guess i better get my pencils back out.


  3. Great post Nina. Too many things to comment on:)
    (Sorry the Jeans needle didn't work out!)

  4. Quite the month, lots of fascinating things to see that you have been doing. Nothing seems mundane at all. xox