Thursday, 18 October 2012


It does not take much to keep me happy. No matter how fun quilting weekends and holidays are, I still love the everydays most. Since my arrival home on Sunday night I have regrouped, stacking up on materials used for classes like there will be no tomorrow, bone tired after the last couple of months’ ordeals but with my head buzzing with new ideas. I am still enjoying the overwhelming feeling of freedom that goes with a fully recuperated daughter and not being on full time baby duty anymore.

I was picking grandson up from kindergarten this afternoon for our first regular grandma weekend since his mom got injured and we became a 3 generation household again. We’ll be doing nothing particular. Just spending time together doing what we normally would do, no deadlines, no kits, no stress. Sleep, eat, play. Maybe a museum visit, we haven’t been doing those for a while. Mmmm, like the sound of that. Maybe I’ll sneak in a few minutes in my sewing room playing with my new stuff though, I can hear them calling.

The washed & crinkly doll quilts from this post are now being loved by little girls of all ages in the kindergarten which reminds me that I had some issues trimming off the edges.

I got this rotary cutter in a goodybag years ago and just started using it. It would not cut through the top and fleece backing without a fight and I have never had this problem with my other cutters.

The blade seems a bit on the skimpy side so that the blue plastic scratches against the ruler while cutting, getting shredded in the process.

Any ideas how to avoid this in the future?


  1. Sweet pinks, dolly quilts. xox

  2. Girl quilts are so sweet. I'm so glad you are back to "normal" and can rest up... but my favorite phrase in your post is: "a fully recuperated daughter". That would be my favorite thing. So glad to hear you have one of those!

  3. Always good to come home and relax. So good to hear your daughter is fully recuperated. Enjoy your weekend with grandsons.