Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lag på lag in Trondheim

My weekend was filled with colour and energy and people. Teaching the “Lag på lag” (Layer upon layer) class in Trondheim my days were jam packed with visual impressions. The class was full, the classroom even fuller, and creative energy sparkling everywhere. These ladies, from traditional quilters and all the way up to textile artists, cut, ripped and pinned their way through 3 days and 5 different projects using all kinds of materials. By the end of the weekend my feet were tired and there were enough scraps to create a few more quilts lying on the floor. Perfect.

Trondheim is a historic city which I used to visit quite often as a teenager as my sister was a student there. They have been very good at preserving lots of the beautiful 2 story wooden buildings in the town center like around the town square.

The class, set up by Trondheim Quiltelag, was held at Quiltegården quilt shop. We kicked the weekend off with two smallish projects to reboot any straight line/ruler/rotary cutter brains.

I had, again, a room with a view

there were frost on the roofs below

and the streets were still quiet as I walked the two blocks from the hotel to the shop on Saturday morning.

Then there was a riot of fabric and colours as the students worked on their landscape quilts. So much beauty in one little space, my brain was still buzzing when I went to bed in the evening!

The hotel lift also came with a view. Not really a fan of ourdoorsy glass walled lifts, it took me a few rides to appreciate the view but I’m glad I did.

Back in class we worked on trees and flowers. Aren’t they just gorgeous!

We did a little show & tell at the end of the day. Some students had left already and others had a hard time leaving their machines, but still, quite an impressive show & tell for a weekend class I’d say!

Thank you, ladies, for being such great sports and diving into unchartered territory with me, and for making this such a fun class to teach! Just say the word and I’ll be back!


  1. Så mange fine og kreative "lag på lag"!! Jeg er sikker på at det var et supert kurs for både lærer og elever;)

  2. I love everything about this post!!! The shots of the cute town, the views over to the water, the AMAZING work of your students. I'm especially enamoured with the flowers/trees circular-ish applique exercise. They are so pretty! I would so love to take a weekend class with you Nina Lise.

  3. Lots of talent there...and the students, too.

  4. Fantastic students with even more fantastic quilts. Trondheim is north of you so frosty eh! Looks like a really great trip. xox

  5. Så spennende kurs du har hatt. Er det tyll du har som överste lag? Kan det strykes på det?
    Nå håper jeg også at "No reply" skal väre borte. :-)
    Takk for hjelpen.

  6. Lots of lovely flowers and trees and colors! Looks like everyone had a great time. Beautiful place to stay too.

  7. Nok en gang, takk for ett kjempeinspirerende kurs. Mitt prosjektnr to er nå ferdig, og lagt inn i bloggen min.
    Og jeg har kjøpt inn masse flotte stffer å leke videre med.

  8. Åååååå, dette kurset skulle jeg likt å deltatt på. Jeg tror jeg må foreslå å invitere deg til Kongsberg.