Wednesday, 3 October 2012

One two three banana

Packing up my sewing gear for another evening full of fun & friendly quilting, I finally realized from where that sickly sweet smell that has been haunting my sewing room lately was coming. One tiny forgotten banana that has been sitting there since the class more than two weeks ago sure can make quite a smell. The same thing happened to my swimming bag earlier, so I should have known.

Now all the fabric related items has been thrown into the wash, thank goodness my bring-along project was in a plastic bag. I think I'll have a go at Victoria's santa block first, I have an idea that I hope I can manage.

Have a a lovely Wednesday!

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  1. Hi, I happened across your blog today and it made me laugh about the banana and think... thank goodness I'm not the only one things like that happen to!! and just read about your daughter and wish her a good and speedy recovery. I bet she feels so blessed to have such a helpful and loving mum. Best wishes to you all x