Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Funky Fowl in Haugesund

Day two of my weekend in Haugesund a week and a half ago (previous post here) was all about Funky Fowl. I brought my samples and colour copies of the ones I have given away just to show a few colours variations. Compared to the scrappy glory from the previous day the display looked rather sparse.

But then a whole new generation of funky birds came to life and, again, the room was filled with colours and fun.

Here are some of the funky ladies in progress


and the fun ladies that created them.

Thank you, ladies, for another great day, and for reminding me how much I love these funky birds! By the way, I forgot to collect the one yard fabric penalty for leaving rotary cutters open...


  1. Vad mysigt ni ser ut att ha haft det!
    ÄLSKAR dessa fåglar!

  2. How great! I've always loved your funky birds they have so much personality.

  3. These are tremendous!!! So many colors and different looks - a wonderful pattern, well made. Bravo, ladies!

  4. I do like those birds, especially the neutral ones.