Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I don’t know if it’s just me or the season or the way the stars align, but I’m falling way behind. Like on everything. Hopefully it will all sort itself out and everything will fall into place before Christmas and all deadlines will be met and my shoulders will yet again be below my ears. I spend very little time on my computer these days, and as blogging from the phone has some limits as described here, I have been building up quite a backlog of pictures that needs some kind of text in between.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon I grabbed an old UFO cushion which resurfaced during a clean up and started playing. It needed something to spice up the lovely colour scheme, so, on a whim, I grabbed one of my all time favourite fabrics

paired it up with some cerises and a turquoise (colours do not photograph well at this time of the year!)

layered them and stitched a few free motion stylized roses using black thread

cut them out and sliced a layer or two on each petal using a seam ripper

attached three of them
then added a little stitching using cerise pearl cotton thread.

Oh yeah, one Christmas present in progress.

Whims – gotta love them!


  1. Your creativity is always so inspiring!

  2. Love the roses! This is for a cushion? Love your whims.

  3. Constantly amazed at your creations.....LOVE them!

  4. This is so simple and so great! Keep going. xox