Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Green stocking

One of the Christmas traditions I brought from home is the Christmas stocking. I’m not sure where my parents picked it up because it was not something lots of my friends had. My mother used to make so many beautiful things, and I still have the stocking she made for me, linen fabric with felt appliqué. I love it and hang it on a door every Christmas to enjoy.

My daughter grew up with stockings, and she has passed the tradition on to her boys. I made the oldest a blue/soccer stocking three years ago, and with a new grandbaby around this year, I was happy to make another one.

I don’t have a lot of Christmas fabrics, but I had a bright green starry one which was perfect as green was requested. In addition I finally cut into the cutest ever snowman fabric that was a gift from a friend.

One green stocking, same size and shape as the first, one step further towards peace of mind.

I have a few things to clear away so that we can all sit down to eat (at the dining room table which husband questions whether it’s still there or not), there is grocery shopping day (not my favourite) on Thursday, baking day with daughter on Friday, and decorating day on Saturday. Sure, it will be Christmas this year too.

I wonder if my mother and grandmother ever got overwhelmed with the sheer amount of holiday preparations, they always seemed to have everything in order and never complained as we filled the house with kids and mess and noise for the holidays. I plan to finish up early and spend the day before Christmas, lillejulaften (the 23th), doing something fun – like maybe sewing something non-Christmassy.

How about you, how are you doing with your holiday preparations? Do you ever get overwhelmed?


  1. We always had stockings too. Great fun to wake up Christmas morning and see what Santa had put in them.

  2. I always made stocking and Santa sacks for my son. Keeping it simple is my moto this year. Son is traveling with girlfriend, other step kids not around, a quiet year this one. Enjoy those grandkids and your Christmas dinner. xox

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  4. That is a niiiiice stocking. Love the colors and the band.

  5. Christmas stockings are a very sweet tradition ; )) and a good one to pass on ...

    The stocking is perfect, very cheerful and fit for a good filling. Lucky grandson!