Thursday, 6 December 2012

Patching pals

Last night was the monthly meeting with my quilting buddies. It was our 4th anniversary and thus properly celebrated with eatable goodies and, as always, lots of fun.

We all bring whatever on which we'd like to work - which works very well for us. We put together the needed number of tables, and get going. The main goal for our group is friendship and having fun while quilting, so anything goes really. We'll help eachother and share anything from fabric to Christmas cookies.

I power quilted my way through 2,5 of 5 Christmas pillow tops during the meeting. Not bad considering the number of hours and all the talking and eating I'd say...


  1. What fun and a great space to meet in.

  2. Nice group, mine pals are somewhat scattered, hard to get a group like that to be regular. Love it. xox

  3. Nice company and a big space and goodies - how can you go wrong!

  4. Så mysigt ni ser ut att ha det!