Wednesday, 5 December 2012

ATCs Embellishment - Flowers

Cleaning away a few things the other day I found my set of ATCs and remembered I never posted the finished ones. I made four different types and here is the first – flowers.

A paper flower from the scrapbooking isle; a bit too dull colourwise for my liking, so I added bright orange ink

and a little gold ink around the edges and some black lines

finding that there is such a thing as too much gold so easing up on the gold for the next flowers

stitching the flowers and orange binder-clip-leaves to the readymade ATC base with black thread (just take care not stitching ON the clip)

adding gel medium and a button

and the flower is done.

Same flower, different cards.


  1. That is so creative - I am always surprised when I see what you come up with. A very special talent!!! I love those flowers!!

  2. Your love of orange shines through! My I do love orange too. Really nice with the paperclips, lovely idea.

  3. Great idea, love the orange pink and the paper clip detail really makes it. xox

  4. I love these! the flower is the perfect finishing touch!

  5. ATCs!!! I'm so glad to see these. I just did a kid swap with my kids and started to get into them myself. Working on some and will have to find a place to swap some soon.

  6. Love how you've embellished the paper flower & the orange paper clip is a perfect finishing touch - it's so much fun mixing the media x