Sunday, 16 December 2012

Pink pillow Winner

Thank you to all of you how entered the Pink Pillows giveaway! I was pleasantly surprised how many of you who would like to add a little pink to your Christmas decor.

I have drawn the winner and the lucky lady is

Vivian who wrote

Vivian’s blog is called Quilting under the midnight sun which has kind of a familiar ring to it as I spent quite a few childhood years living in a part of Norway that has midnight sun. There was one summer that we actually slept outside and I am sure the light is perfect for quilting.

Congratulations to Vivian who will receive the Pink pillow, and thanks to the rest of you for playing along!

If you would like to make a Pretty Pillow of your own, you’ll find the free pattern here. As already proven, it would look lovely in any kind of colour scheme.)


  1. yeah Vivian, you are lucky indeed! xox

  2. Congratulations Vivian! You have something really nice! merry Christmas!

  3. Congratulations to lucky Vivian. Enjoy!


  4. Oh I am so happy!

    I just emailed you back, Yay!!!

    Oh how lucky you were in Norway and got to enjoy the midnight sun, yes, in the summer we have daylight for so long...of course now we're opposite LOL.

    I'm so excited over this pillow,and with two girls in the house, it will be well loved.

    Thanks so much!!!