Sunday, 16 December 2012

Make a Travel Card

Make a fun envelope to fill with a little travel money or anything else that fits the pocket!

What you’ll need
A letter sized (or A4) sheet of paper
A piece of cardstock (half the size)
Printed images and/or text

And what you’ll do
Draw a suitcase shape onto the cardstock and cut it out using scissors.

Fold the paper in half with the wrong side (if any) out. Place the template on the paper so that the bottom (along the folded edge) and one side align.

Trace the shape onto the paper

and cut it out.

Fold the shape right side out.

Print whatever images and/or text you would like to add onto plain paper and cut out.

Glue onto suitcase using a glue stick.

Now it’s time to fill the envelope

Place the content in the middle of the suitcase, close it, and stitch around the edges using an approx ¼” seam allowance.


If you’d like, you could make a luggage tag to tie to the handle.


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