Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Rainbow Round Five

Shaping up!

Not wanting to waste a moment putting this together, I have skipped the design wall step and just laid them all out on the table. Working with a rainbow of colour everything will look good together. Right?

On a totally different note - grandson got through surgery with flying colours and is back home already. Thank you for your happy thoughts and well wishes!


  1. I’m sure all will look good together!
    Glad to hear that your Grandson is doing well!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I missed the post about surgery. So glad to hear he did well. I hope recovery goes smoothly. There truly never is a dull moment in your life, is there? My Christmas wish for you is a calm, worry free 2013, friend.
    Rainbows AND circles? Fun!

  3. Of course it'll all look fab!

    Fantastic, happy news about your grandson xx

  4. Yeah for the young man! Looks like alot of fun in the making, never know what to expect from you. xox

  5. So glad to hear grandson is home already and doing well. Looking forward to seeing more of this project.

  6. Hurray! So glad your grandson is home again. They heal so fast.
    Intrigued by the circles!

  7. Great news about your grandson :-) This project looks like fun.

  8. they are going to look bright and beautiful...I am reading your blog backwards but I am really glad to know your grandson is ok....even though I havent read what was wrong yet...