Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ribbon Tree

Spending the day with my recuperating grandson last week, I had stocked up on a few crafting supplies which I thought he would enjoy. I have to admit I kind of missed the mark on this one.

Inspired by my friend Corrine’s fab wreath, I thought we could decorate a couple of simple twig trees with ribbons. Ribbons – 5 year old boy - what was I thinking. While he enjoyed cutting ribbons with his scissors, the tying soon got tedious. Anyway, we finished one tree for his mom, and she loved it. So do I!

I have one more tree and orange and purple ribbons to make another for myself. Maybe I’ll save it for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I often get a bit bored when the holiday dust settles.

How about you, any Christmas crafting going on at your house these days?


  1. Lots of work cutting those ribbons. Give him a big hug. Love the colors of your twiggy tree. xox

  2. I have been making a similar tree, using strips of fabric instead of ribbon, for the last three Christmases!
    Maybe this is the year it will be finished!

  3. Love the trees! With our without ribbons... you could hang some little balls, tuck in some holly or greens from your yard, some tufts of quilt batting for snow.

    I made the grands their initial as a tree ornament. The backs were all from one green fabric and the fronts in their favorite colors (with batting between). I sewed through all and the printout of the letter making sure to catch a ribbon for hanging. Then I cut as close as I could - sort of "make a boob" style and used them on their little package from us. I hope they like them.