Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bead me up

Grandson and I stopped by the craft store yesterday after his annual check-up at the eye doctor. I was looking for some beads to add to a challenge piece which I have been working on on again and off again for several months without getting that oh-now-it’s-done feeling. Something just did not feel right. While showing it to my mom, she said it looked like an underwater scene, and I could see what she meant. This morning I realized how I could add to that look with some simple beading so off we went.

These are my first proper crystal beads; they are ever so sparkly and shiny. Love them!

Most of my old bead collection went into the Make a Boob stash, so I meticulously had to pick out appropriate beads, one bead at the time.

It took a while, but finally I had a nice spread.

The rest of my childfree time went into adding beads to the quilt, and to hand stitch the sleeve. Done! I’ll post pictures of the quilt when the challenge is finished.

Did I fill my quilting quota of the day? Yes indeed!


  1. Looks like you picked a great selection of bubbly beads! When you sew them on do you sew through all three layers of the quilt? Do you tie off after each bead when they're separated like they are in your last picture or do you travel the thread through the layers? I've put beads on quilts a few times and have never really been satisfied that I was doing it correctly (or even particularly effectively).

  2. Happy New Year Nina Lise! Glad to hear your daughter is recovering well from her surgery. Love the glimpse of your new challenge piece.

  3. Beam me up so I can sit and bead with you. Nice crystals, the light will shine through them. xox

  4. You are bubbly! Can't wait to see the sea.