Thursday, 17 January 2013

Work on a Wednesday

Yesterday I used my creative time doing a little fixer upper on one of daughter’s old quilts. I had not used fusible to attach the appliqué pieces as they are quite big and I didn’t want that stiffness, so one of them had unravelled a little at the edge.

The quilt has been waiting around for a long time, but now it’s done and washed and dried and ready to get back into the love and comfort business. I kept putting it off as I was dreading manoeuvring the quilt under the needle, but it was fine, a bit awkward, but not that bad.

The quilt does come with a story, so I’ll take pictures outside before I drop it off when I visit my daughter today. I haven’t seen her since her surgery, so I am looking forward to see her.

I did also do a step by step invisible finishing on a sample to show my students. It’s not hand stitched to the back, just machine basted. I might leave it as it is for future classes unless I crave a little hand stitching one day.

In the afternoon I taught my first Kvist (Branches) class. It’s a 2-3 hours class and we use whatever time we have - which was two hours yesterday. Husband was going to help me set up the classroom 30 minutes before the class, but there had been some car trouble at the highway, so instead I spent 45 minutes in queue stressing about if I would even make it there on time. Well, I did, with 15 minutes to spare and students waiting outside in the freezing cold.

I brought my samples, kits in 3 colour ways and a rainbow of spare fabric pieces for the students to add to their designs. 

Providing kits is the No 1 key factor to teach these types of classes or we would spend most of our time discussing fabrics and what students did not bring. Anyways, colour is such a personal choice, so I like to provide some options in addition to the kits when possible.

I find these painting with fiber classes intriguing to. First the students find the idea and techniques simple and fun, then they start moving things around to achieve balance which is not that easy, and then they start quilting and everything comes together like magic. 

It is quite interesting to see how different the quilts are even though most of them come from the same kit.

Arent they just gorgeous!


  1. Glad that you have found a good way to teach sewing these little quilts - teaching isn't always easy and it is nice when it all comes together and people enjoy themselves!

  2. Nice work kudos to all your students. I am always amazed that each persons work always included their own voice no matter the same materials. xox

  3. Gorgeous, each one, and smiles on each student. They had a good time as well as learning a new technique.