Friday, 11 January 2013

Purple leaf

Despite bad time management this week, I got to finish something. It isn’t big, it didn’t take much effort, the colour does not photograph well, but still.

The shape is somewhat odd for a reason as it is made from the cutoffs left over from a triangular quilt. You may recall the “Eye of the storm" quilt which was supposed to be cut into a triangle but I didn’t have the nerve after all. Well, I made a smaller version that I sliced and diced according to the requested measurements and with a few odds and ends leftover.

I enjoyed the process of stitching the pieces together very much indeed, slicing a little here and adding a little there as needed. 

There was nothing left when I was done, I used every little scrap.

The pieces are joined with simple zigzag stitching and the whole thing finished off with a corded yarn edge.

What I’ll use it for? A table topper? A wall hanging? I quite like how it looks on the door for now, so a door hanging? Is that a thing?

We’re having cold weather and the central lock on the driver side of my car does not approve of humid sub zero weather. It’s rather exciting in the mornings - will it open, will it not - and this morning I had to crawl through the car three times - back and forth. Not an easy task for a middle aged woman of my size and knee-stiffness, so the process comes with a few laughs. Not a bad way to start a day I’d say.

Anyway; wishing you all a wonderful weekend with non-frozen locks and a few laughs!

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Richard and Tanya Quilts today.


  1. ÅÅå, nå . Denne fant jeg en flott blogg, denne skal lagres og gjennomleses..
    Ha en flott og kreativ helg ..

  2. Well, you made up for it in color! Lovely!

  3. If door hanging isn't a thing, it should be! In my opinion, yours looks terrific there, cheerily colorful and welcoming.

  4. Oh these are quite interesting...I like the odd shape and how you have used your scraps to create a whole new piece. Photos look great to me. xox