Thursday, 7 February 2013

Non-fine stitching

Not exactley needlepoint, but I got my needle & thread fix today trying to repair the zipper in grandson's kindergarden suit. It is so thick that my fingers are sore from pulling the needle through all the layers. I'll probably do it over by machine later, but he'll be able to close the zipper tomorrow. It's freezing here, so that was the main goal anyway.

Zippers, need to work more with them, I am sure they get easier with more practice.


  1. I hate it when zippers come loose or pull away from the garment. It seems like the quality of stitching and zippers has gone down, and it's a pain to fix of life's little annoyances.....xox

  2. Unfortunatly, fixing stuff is part of sewing. Looks like you did an excellent job of it.

  3. Godt å få hjelp til å fikse slike ting også - selv om det ikke alltid er like gøy.
    Ha en fin og kreativ uke.