Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Going sewing

Yeeeey, I'm going sewing tonight! It's the first Wednesday of the month and the kids are staying with our co-grandparents tonight which means the night off for grandma to spend with quilting friends.

I have been digging through my old stash for fabrics for the tea towel quilt and came up with lots of cheery colours. To keep it on the non-tooth-aching side of sweet, I'll be adding a few dulls and neutrals. I have also a box of scraps and leftover shapes and blocks to add to the mix and even a little tumbler top which has been waiting around for a while.

Now, should I start ironing fabrics or just enjoy an empty house for a while. Hmmm, maybe I should lay down on the couch while deciding...


  1. Hooray for sewing with friends!!

  2. I vote for lying down on the couch while you decide.

  3. Enjoy you are there now as I write this probably.....xox