Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Photo challenged

I set up an improv photo set yesterday to photograph the colour theory blocks.

Like so many times before, I found getting just the right amount of light a challenge. Trying to avoid the glaring light from the sunny day outside, I was looking for a way to make an angled surface on where to hang my blocks. Ironing table to the rescue. Covering it (let’s face it, ironing board covers do not stay pristine for a long time around here) with a piece of white fabric, I leaned it against the table.
Perfect – just the right angle and at a comfortable height.

Would you believe the circles in the two top pictures are the same? I had to check myself that they really were and that I hadn’t mixed up the blocks.

I have found that leaving a little of the white background in the pictures gives more accurate colours, but these things still happens. Oh well, “It’s all relative” is one of the exercises in the class and here’s the perfect example. Colours really do change depending on which colours they are next to, but maybe not as much as these.

The kits are bagged and tagged and ready to go. Funny that the little zip lock bag contains a whole quilt top. Fabric is not that voluminous is it, that is until you try to squeeze more into your already packed stash..

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice to see what background is doing to the colors.

  2. So much work those kits, but I am sure your students will truly appreciate your hard work and ypur design eye. xox

  3. Backgrounds colours are so important, your colour theory blocks prove that!

  4. Boy did I relate to this, pictures are hard, lighting and colors that look so good, then the picture isn't right. LOL. I can't tell you how often I've spent half a day cutting out a quilt only to pick up a small pile of fabric to take to the sewing machine, this is my whole quilt?

  5. I have noticed that my camera has a different "eye" from mine. It sees color very differently. That exercise with the circles is amazing! Should be a fun class!