Monday, 25 February 2013


The number of rainbow coloured "panties" on my table ready to be made into imperfect colour wheels soon. I gave up on finding the perfect tints and shades after quite a few misses, so these are close enough for now. I'm doing a test run of the Fargerike colour theory class this weekend and am getting my ducks in order. They are glorious, aren't they!


  1. Um I like the pinks and lilac and then I spy that Spring green and then, aw well, you get the idea, yes glorious. xox

  2. Lekkert! Farger er noe helt spesielt, ikke mnist hva de gjør med oss. Jeg blir sånn gledesdårlig av å se alle disse fargebitene sammen og får lyst til å leke med en gang. Lykke til med kurset, - spennende!

  3. rainbow coloured "panties"

    They DO look like little panties! Love this....makes me smile and giggle!