Thursday, 21 February 2013

To waste or not to waste

Usually I would classify myself as a frugal quilter. I will cut my fabrics and fusibles and batting with as little waste as possible. Working my way through 40 different fabrics for an upcoming test run of the colour theory class has changed that a little, at least for these Rainbow kits.

I’m using an Accuquilt Go which requires strips 1“ wider than the shape and for my test drive last fall I cut my strips using a rotary cutter. To speed things up a little, I am doing the following:
- tearing strips just adding another 1” to the width to compensate for any distortions of the fabric (1” not necessary, ½” would do)
- cutting the strips into lengths like I did the last time. I’m cutting 4 rectangles at the time, it speeds up the next step
- ironing each length; folding it in half, then in quarters accordion style and pressing the folds
- feeding them through the cutter factory style. I should probably do this on the kitchen counter; our old dining room table is making scary squeaky noises when I crank up the machine.

There’s more waste this way, but it looks so pretty and it will find a home - eventually.

Am I a fan of the cutter yet? Not really, but I’m sure it will grow on me, especially when I start cutting circles tomorrow. Anyway, I am very happy working with a rainbow of colours in the midst of winter. I don’t know how it is at your part of the world, but this is what the wardrobe at my physical therapist's looked today – dark and dreary.

I was quite happy to have to stop by our newly opened fabric store Stoff og Stil afterwards to buy more fusible; much more pleasing, right!

They opened on Thursday and I have been there three times already picking up things I needed for class. I know, it’s a hard life.

Tonight was the monthly meeting in our regional guild, Rogaland Quiltelag, and my friend Mona-Lisa brought two projects she has made from my book. Aren’t they so much fun, they put a big smile on my face!

Guild meetings are always fun – meeting friends and seeing what others are working on. Today was our annual meeting with all the formal issues like going through the annual report and electing new board members. We have experienced some difficulties getting enough board members for the last couple of years. Does your guild have the same problem, or have you had this problem in the past? If so, what did you do to solve the problem?

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  1. Cute birds, and yes the fabric store was SO much more appealing than those coats. xox

  2. I think one of you should get a red coat.
    Love the birds!
    I save all the scraps, big and little. I want to make a Dump Quilt like Beth of Love Laugh Quilt. The tiniest ones, scraps that are really just dust, I use in the bottom of my plants to keep the dirt in the pot, and let the water out the bottom. Use and Reuse.
    So sorry to hear you had to go to the quilt store!!!! LOL

  3. Herlige bilder :-)
    Er du fornøyd med accuquilt go? Skal ut og reise og da blir det jo litt shopping - veier den mye?
    Herlige mønster du hadde i quiltemagasinet - likte godt løperen din :-)))

  4. I love all of these beautiful colored solids...I don't have the nerve to use these yet, but maybe Your blog Nina