Friday, 5 April 2013

Spring in my step Eddie style

My quilt top and I are having a staring contest ala Eddie & Frasier. I am not sure what it wants, but orange thread it will be, but which tone, which shade, which weight, which, which, which...

I love quilting with Gutermann Sulky varigated thread, but I did not have any oranges. I have been very good at not purchasing much thread for years, so I was delighted to see all the different new shades available. It is close to impossible to choose thread colour without seeing them against the fabric, and the colours look all wrong in the ill lit shop anyway, even when you take them out in the hall to see better. Right? At least that's what I am telling myself as I gave in and bought 2 spools each of 4 shades.

Now the quilt top is outnumbered and I have a nice spread of delicious oranges. Now which one to choose; I better get back to the staring contest.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Like the way this is coming together and I think the orange....whichever one(s) you going to be perfect.

  2. You know we grow oranges here in CA... I love them and the color. But I think your oranges have mine beat. They are gorgeous!

  3. I would use them *all* for subtle variation, but there's nothing very subtle about my colour ways!

  4. This makes me want to go to the fabric store just to buy this thread!!!! I love those colors. xox