Monday, 15 April 2013

Spring in my step Pick a binding day

The weekend was eventful with the class and Christening, and both were sucsessful. There were a gazillion pictures taken, I'll post a few as soon as I upload them onto my PC.

Today is time to make the final choice for my mother's quilt which is choosing the binding fabric. I have auditioned a few, but they were either too bright or too boring. I want the binding to blend into the solids and still have some texture; it sounds easy, but is not so.

I need to move on with the quilt, so it may not be the perfect choice, but I have picked a dark blue batik with light flowers. I am a very slow binding stitcher, so I have my work cut out for me for the next few evenings.

Have a wonderful Monday


  1. Oh I like what I see here....Will be great to see it all finished. Time is running short. xox

  2. I love how bold you are with your thread color! Good luck on your binding.

  3. Love your quilting! I am slow sewing the binding on, too. Small stitches for baby quilts especially, and then no bigger than maybe 3/8th for quilts that will be used by adults... don't want any holes. It takes a while if you are doing it right.