Friday, 12 April 2013

Prep day

Today has been all about preparing for the weekend at my house, well, except for the regular Friday morning with the grandsons. Now everything I need for the Funky Fowl class tomorrow is printed and packed, the Christening present has been collected, grandson and mom’s bunads have been fitted, the quilt has been finished (reminder to self: take pictures before wrapping, not much point after) and, most important, the Christening gown has been ironed.

My paternal grandmother had a seamstress and she commissioned lots of beautiful dresses and things for us while we were growing up. The family Christening gown was made for her first grandchild (my sister) and is 50++ years old, made of linen and has amazing handwork.

Perfect embroidery

down the whole front
stunning cutwork

intricate crocheted lace

and beautifully done cutwork hemming on the sleeves where a ribbon should go but we’re leaving them out as the sleeves are a tiny bit on the short side

and at the bottom.

I have to say I am a bit scared of ruining it, but it’s a gown, it should be used although it might belong in a frame or at some museum in the future.

Can you tell I love and am totally in awe of (about??) this gown?? The only thing missing is most of the names of the children in the family, so I’ll be embroidering my younger sister, our daughter and both grandsons names later. Aaah, I like the sound of the word later…

Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back with pictures from class and the Christening next week!


  1. Wow, that’s an amazing Christening gown and a true family heirloom!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend of teaching and spending time with your family!

  2. Such a beautiful family heirloom! Thanks for sharing the details. What a good idea to embroider on the names of the wearers. The gown should be kept in the family, wrapped in acid free tissue and kept with reverence, and used for all the newcomers to the family. A wonderful tradition.

  3. That is so beautiful!! What a great family antique. I am sure it will be treasured by many in your family.

  4. Love the perfection of that work, so beautiful xox

  5. What a wonderful family heirloom! And such a good idea to pass on down through the family. Wish I would have thought of that when I had my first child. It will be such a treasure.