Saturday, 11 May 2013

Whatever; The piecing

To make sure I would not mess up the far-from-perfectly-balanced layout for the Whatever quilt, I made one stack of blocks from each column and numbered them. I’m all for chain piecing, but not when the time pressure is up and there’s only one right way to put each block. I am occasionally directionally challenged, and when I come down with a touch of that, there’s no way to foresee the outcome.

Ages ago husband and I wallpapered a room and even though there were only 4 ways to turn the double sided wallpaper (up and down on the back and front), after 6 wrongs, we finally got it right. Most of the time. Now imagine going through that process in a whole living room. No wonder I do my piecing block by block when in a hurry.

Finished columns, still numbered, and ready to stitch together. The perfect way to spend a few hours on a Saturday I’d say.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That looks beautiful and I like the soft colours! I like to work also block by block. I guess I have too many thing sin my mind and can't concentrate, because often I make mistakes - especially when I think something is very easy! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  2. I'm so curious to see where this is going! There are some blocks I can't chain piece either because I sometimes unintentionally flip them. All the most efficient methods are still subject to our brain power which is often a bit distracted by the 'creative' stuff going on.:)

  3. I love the soft colors... I know there will be brights in the applique.