Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Whatever; The start

I’ve been starting on a new project, the Whatever quilt. Working towards a deadline, I should have been way into the process by now, but there you go. Maybe blogging about the progress on a daily basis for a while will help me keeping up the pace. I’ll be merging my old thrifted stash with my new thrifted and repurposed stash. Sounds like fun, right!

First I’ll be making an appliqué background from light cotton (mostly?) fabrics – bed sheets, curtains, table cloths, all good.

Do you remember the table cloths from the 80ies which had different patterns on the front and back? I think this is from Södahl. I love the prints and that it is a two for one fabric.

To speed things up a bit, I will be using the Accuquilt Go to resize the pieced blocks. Hopefully I can run a couple of them through the machine at a time.

And just a little warning. I use a sports cap water bottle to fill my iron, and yesterday it started smelling sweet and funky. Then I realized I had filled it with the blueberry scented water that I mistakenly picked up at the airport.

I did the same using pear flavoured water once; and I who don’t even like the flavoured kind. Burned blueberry, yikes.


  1. Those fabrics seem like summer sheets waiting to dry on the line, flapping away. This should be light and lovely. Burned blueberry I am trying even to imagine that smell. xox

  2. Does it gunk up the iron? Otherwise, I'd think yum. But burned - maybe not so yummy. What flavor will you pick next? I'd go for burnt orange.