Thursday, 9 May 2013

Whatever; The blocks

or Resizing at the speed of light.

I am happy to report that the AccuQuilt worked fantastically for resizing the Whatever blocks. The 6 ½” square die is the largest I have (are bigger sizes even available??), so 6" finished blocks it is.

I did a test run with one block first, then two. With all the seam allowances, 2 blocks at a time was the best I could do considering the goal was to get perfectly square blocks.

Woooosh, and there you go, 52 perfectly cut blocks.

I only wish the arranging, rearranging, re-rearranging and piecing part would go woooosh too..


  1. No idea how you are doing what your are doing, but they look good. I will wait for the design process next! xox

  2. I have heard of an exercise in freeing your quilting that has you putting the pieces into paper bags and drawing out 2 (without peeking) and sewing them together... kind of a "whatever" technique....