Thursday, 6 June 2013

Button up

The next, and hopefully last, layer on the Whatever Quilt will be buttons. I don't know how many times I have arranged and rearranged them, but the only pleasing result so far was when I randomly spread them out. There's no way I can copy that as I didn't take any pictures. 

Adding a few white and/or black buttons to the mix might spice it up a little. No matter how much the different colours and sizes show on a close up, the mix looks rather blah from afar.

For now I'll just have to enjoy looking at them sitting in their little vintage saucer, maybe do a test of which coloured embroidery floss to use. I'm thinking raspberry pink, I love raspberry pink.

Maybe I should try spreading them out just one more time today.. 


  1. Um pretty pile of buttons there! xox

  2. I think the more buttons gathered together the better they look. Thus Grandma's big button jar is always begging to be touched and looked at.