Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Some quilts are just whispering,

inviting you in to hear their stories.

The Whatever quilt is a rather personal journey,

soft spoken and bold.

Text printed onto ExtravOrganza silk organza sheets on a backdrop of soft orange dots to be stitched onto the almost finished quilt. I have left them until now so that they may fray and disintegrate simply by getting handled.

They have been pinned, glued and stitched down with sheer thread. The whispers should be safe now.

Hear that sound? That’s me exhaling. Progress, finally!


  1. Simply a magical post. This is creativity in the very essence of the soul!!!!

  2. The strong words came out so bold when printed, I can't wait to see this all finished! xox

  3. What an awesome expression! Love this post and am looking forward to seeing how you finish :)

  4. It looks like things are really coming along!

  5. Fabulous is right! Such an interesting process and end result. You are a true artist!

  6. I love working with words and I am completely blown away by this beauty. I look forward to seeing it's completion. Take care, Byrd