Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy, happy

Happy Thursday, everyone, happy July 4th, happy summer day, happy quiet day, happy rainy day, happy day indeed!

You may be wondering what all the happy is about, and I will be happy to tell you - the Whatever quilt that will be shipped off to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham sometime next week is finally done. Yeeey!

I did something totally scary this week which could have turned out Oh so badly, but everything fell into place at the end of the day. Literally. Making the decision of adding yet another element to the finished quilt was easy. The execution however, was a challenge.

Goal: add a simple outline of the applique shape semi-overlapping the applique.
Method: make a plastic template, draw the outline with glue, add yarn, let dry, zigzag stitch in place.
Template: ok

Glue: making way too fat lines

Yarn: glue all over the place, had to be removed

Result: glue blobs on the quilt. Not a happy sight

Solution: dabbing the glue off with a paper towel, well most of it anyway, and free-couching the yarn using the template as a guide. The plastic template kept sticking to the bottom of presser foot, so I tried working underneath the edge and that worked like a charm.

Did I rip out part of the couched lines the very next morning? Yes, indeed, and quite happily so. It simply was too much.

Now both labels are secured to the back and just needs to be covered up with a piece of muslin before shipping. I have not decided on the packaging issue yet, so I might need to pick your brains on that later.

See, happy!


  1. For nokre spennande små glimt du gir oss her. Gleder meg til å sjå resten - for me får vel sjå meir etter B'ham?
    Lykke til!!!

  2. Very brave, making a last minute design addition! I'm glad it worked out, with a little help from your ingenuity and your ripping. (I hate it when I add too much--often happens.)

  3. Well done Nina-Lise! I shall look forward to seeing your quilt at FOQ.

  4. Well done for finishing the quilt...I am beginning to think that mine will not be finished in time.

  5. I salute you. It is so scary to put one self out there. But so good that others can see your great talent!!!!

  6. I'll be looking for your quilt in Birmingham! I'm already so excited to see the original!!!

  7. You have had your troubles with this one. So Good Luck Ms. 573. I hope you win first place.