Monday, 8 July 2013

Of three times and charm

I am not sure where the expression regarding the charm of the third time comes from, because more often than not the third time is far from charming. Consider yourselves warned, there is rambling ahead, it was that or nothing.

My quilting mojo has yet to resurface after the rather long and tiresome June. I had some news about the state of my respiratory system that threw me off my game, like all the way onto a different court. It's not all bad news though, more of the on one hand there's is this and on the other hand there is that kind. Still, there is quite a lot to take in, which I would normally do through stitching it out. I will get around to it sooner or later though, the image is right here in my mind ready to connect my heart to my fingers.

I did however finish the fleece edges of a scrap quilt last week and I will be posting pictures as soon as I actually have some. The weather has been too sunny, weird huh, there is such a thing. I however, am sticking to my fabulous greyish indoors look, which especially stand out next to our young ones who just came back from 2 weeks in Spain. 

In the meantime my hands have been itching, or rather I have been itching to go yarn shopping. I'm craving raspberry yarn, but I have way too much yarn stashed away already. The yarn factory outlet 15 minutes from here often sell out bags of 1-2 kilos of discontinued or flawed skeins of yarn really cheap. Oh yes, I have indeed purchased quite a few of those bags over the years, and, surprisingly enough, 2 kilo yarn goes a long way.

This afternoon I frogged the beginning of grandbaby's woollen pants first started back in October, frogged (too big) and restarted during the winter months just to be recovered somewhat dusty in my knitting bag months later and still too big.

Although lacking in the raspberry departement, I love the colour combination, maybe third time is the charm after all.

Thank you for stopping by and letting me ramble.


  1. Hi Nina Lise! I hope you are better and soon full of energy! Lucky you to have the outlet shop near to you. I had the same in Finland - near to me was the factory of Novita and they had a big outlet shop with full of treasures. Unfortunately me and the shop are not anymore there (factory continues with great succes). Enjoy knitting - I hope you have lovely weather to do it outside! x Teje

  2. You always seem to have something you are working on that keeps you motivated. Hope you are back in full health again soon. I know what you mean by too sunny is sunny and hot here right now that sometimes it is hard to keep my eyes open because of the brightness when I'm outside. Not complaining tho. I do look forward to winter time tho....maybe I'll have time to get down in my sewing room again.

  3. Nice quilt going on there, wish I could see the whole thing, are those painted circles? Sweet yarn pants.....hope the health news it's not that thing, but the other more simpler to get over. xox

  4. Ramble all you like, Dear Nina. We are just happy to hear from you.