Friday, 6 September 2013


It’s been a while since I last felt this pleased seeing a week come to an end¸ but I am feeling ever so happy today. The boys are in bed and the house is quiet, except for the regular sounds of life outside.

Friday mornings have been my favourites for many years, the kids and I have had all the time in the world, eating breakfast and pottering about for ages before dropping them off in kindergarden. I still love Friday mornings, but I am afraid that slow pace of ours is history. Grandson started school last month (yes, he is really getting that big!), so now we are off and running 1 ½ hour earlier in the morning. That’s a whole lot of time, but we seem to have figured out how to beat the traffic and make the two stop run on no time, so it works.

There has been lots of weather today; thunder and lightning and rain in which the boys and I got caught when picking up grandbaby from kindergarden. It was the first time I was putting the stroller into the back of my new and much smaller car trunk, and both the stroller and I were soaking wet by the time I finally got into the car. My hair was dripping and the clothes stuck to my back when we did our grocery shopping, but the only thing that sounded worse than going shopping in wet clothes, was the prospect of getting all of us out of the car and into the house and change our clothes just to go out in the pouring rain and get soaking wet again while strapping them down in their car seats. McDonalds anyone?

I feel grateful this Friday evening as I am sitting here, I get to do those things with my grandkids, the whole getting soaking wet and eating silly food, having a singing 1 ½ year old boy/alarm clock waking me up in the mornings, creating bonds that will last forever and a lifetime. Not bad at all.

The plumber rollercoaster that has filled this week with highs and lows seems to finally have come to an end. We have had different guys over on 4 occasions in 3 days, mopping, mopping, mopping, cleaning, cleaning, arranging and rearranging the under-the-sink cabinet over and over again, and the always thrilling adventure of washing the towels that were used for mopping. Great fun. By the look of it, we may have replaced a dishwasher that did not need to be replaced after all just because the first guy told us it was the dishwasher that was causing our problems, but we’ll never know, and there’s no point obsessing about it. Does the water drain from the kitchen sink? Yes. Are there any unwanted indoor waterfalls? No. See, that’s pretty much what I asked for to begin with.

Anyway, my comfy bed is calling from above and after all, all ramblings must come to an end and it is time to announce the winners of the Circle of Flowers pattern giveaway:
The Norwegian pattern goes to Anita and
the English pattern goes to Gill.
Congratulations to you both!

And by the way, I entered the Circle of Flowers quilt into the Show and tell at The Quilting Gallery this week, feel free to give it a vote .)

Thanks for stopping by; rambling would be no fun without you!


  1. I will look for your quilt on The Quilting Gallery. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Nice colors on this the orange and orangey woes are the worst. Hope it all gets resolved soon. Friday mornings sound like so much fun. xox