Monday, 9 September 2013


Today is Election Day here in Norway and I have turned off the telly so I don’t have to listen to all the forecasts and opinions. There’s nothing to be done anyway, I did my civic duty and voted and can only hope for the best.

I have been running (metaphorically speaking) around today; trying to get everything in order, even things that can wait for weeks. It’s one of my weaknesses, my brain takes off on its own and I have to hit the brakes before it starts smelling funky. I have only a couple of things left of what I wanted to do today, and one of them is a blog post sharing some beautiful quilts.

Two of my quilty friends and Birmingham co-travellers have generously agreed to let me share some of the fabulous projects that they have made using my patterns.

Inger Marie has made lots of different sized projects with the blocks and flower from the A Flower that never withers Pattern
Quilts by Inger Marie Østhus

And here is Sissel’s delicious Circle of Flowers table cloth that I mentioned in this post
and her Pretty Pillows in oh so pretty tones from my free Pretty Pillow Pattern
Quilt and pillow by Sissel Hagen

Thank you for letting me share your beautiful work, ladies, it is fun to see how much difference colours make!


  1. Nice work from your friends...I totally get that brain taking off thing...sometimes it's a curse. xox

  2. I love your friend's projects (and your patterns!)! Hope you are happy with the election result.

  3. Very pretty projects! and no wonder - made with lovely patterns! Thanks for showing them.