Monday, 2 September 2013

Scrappy homage

What might look like a homage-to-a-teen-idol post is actually the result of a few happy hours of scrappy Sunday stitching. A very special young member of my extended family and devoted aunt of the grandboys was turning 14 yesterday, and, in case you have not already guessed it, she is a fan of young Mr. Bieber. I have wanted to make her something with a picture of her superhero, but the time was never right – until yesterday.
I put together 16 copies of one of his pictures and manipulated the colours on 3 of the rows using the trustworthy Excel. I had half a sheet of EQ printable fabric leftover from making labels, and tried to make most of it. I added 1 ½” leftover Kona cotton strips from the Hot & cold; 7 1/2 years Quilt (if you have never read that post, it’s worth a few minutes of your time, just saying) to the sides and bottom of the printout, and quilted it with batting only.

The back was made from the same leftover strips, quilt as go style, and 6 strips was miraculously just the right height.

After cutting everything to size including the lining pieces, I used helpful tips from this post by Noodlehead to stitch the zipper. Worked like a charm.

Excel distorts images slightly during the printing process, and the colours get more muted, but you can still tell who it is.

Looked quite good I’d say, and, most importantly, the birthday girl totally agreed and was very pleased her new one-of-a-kind makeup bag. I wouldn’t mind one of these myself, I just need to figure out who the superhero would be.

How about you; any superhero around worthy of being stitched into a homage pouch?


  1. What a fun and wonderful present. I’m curious about your Superhero!

  2. That is so creative!!! And it looks so good - in spite of me NOT having bieber as a hero... I do not know who mine should be. As we get older the heroes are getting fewer.. LOL!!

  3. I bet that young girl was overjoyed. Great job playing with the photos. xox

  4. I'm sure the birthday girl loved this!! but Master Bieber is not for me!! how about Johnny Depp or even Paul Hollywood????

  5. Love the make-up case! You did a great job on it. I admire that you know your granddaughter's hero. Now who is yours? I used to like Sean Connery and Frankie Avalon. No heroes anymore... guess I just got too old.

  6. Great idea!
    Wouldn't mind a Denzel Washington edition - -.

  7. This is a wonderful idea for a pillow for a teenager. I enjoyed reading your blog & look forward to visiting you again.