Friday, 4 October 2013

Designer Showcase and Big Pink

Good morning to you all on this first Friday of October!

First of all I am happy to share that SewCalGal is doing a Designer Showcase about me today. When she first asked me whether I would like to be a part of her series, I was delighted, and today it’s live. Yeey! She’ll do such beautiful introductions that I admit to getting a bit teary eyed when I read through the draft. The showcase post also includes a Mrs Moen pattern giveaway running to the end of this month. Pop over and check it out for yourself, you’ll find it here.

And I am also happy to tell that I finished the Big Pink toilet bag yesterday.

As some of you know, I haven’t made a lot of zippered projects, but I used the same tutorial as when making the Bieber makeup bag and it went together like a charm. I hope it's big enough.
It is heavily quilted with my snakes quilting pattern which I teach in the Quilta Figurer free motion quilting class.

You’ll find noodlehead’s tutorial here.

Even though my quilting friends effortlessly go through yards and yards of zippers and have offered teaching me how they do it, none of them were familiar with this particular method.

Looks like I have to teach them this one. Ha, who knew.)

I have almost finished the prep work for next weekend’s classes at Vestlandstreffet in Molde, so I’m thinking of making a Halloween project next. I have always wanted to make one, even though we don’t celebrate Halloween, but first, a weekend with the grandboys!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sweet bag, love the fabric inside too. xox

  2. That is such a lovely interview to read. I feel I know you a little more now, and wish our earlier meeting hadn't been so brief x

  3. Sweet bag and gorgeous quilting!

    Such a fun interview to read Nina Lise!

  4. Great bag and a fabulous interview at sewcalgal!!

  5. What a fun bag! Now I will have to go check out your interview! Lovely for you to be chosen!

  6. Love the quilting! It's like an elongated meander. Well, you already know I love the pink. I'm off (but you knew that) to go see the link.