Monday, 21 October 2013

Layer upon layer Landscape class in Molde

Has it been almost a week since I came home from Molde? Woops. Anyway, here are some pictures from last Sunday’s Layer upon layer Landscape class at Vestlandstreffet.

The focus in the layer upon layer classes is my painting with fibre technique - the materials and how to achieve that painted look. This was a no-sewing-machine class, so they all left with their projects pinned together and had to do the quilting when they got home.
I supply kits for this class and the students choose a colour way up front. There’s a lot of work going into those kits – shopping for suitable materials (including rummaging through every thrift store in the area), washing & tumbling of recycled materials, choosing fabrics for each colour scheme (approx 40 fabrics for each colour way), cutting, packing, and let’s not forget all the vacuuming of stray threads that will cling for their bare lives to anything and everything in our house.
I also supply a little extra fabric for the students to add if they like. Would you have guessed that they all started out with the same sky kit?
The Layer upon layer classes are playful and relaxed. Most students find it liberating to work in a different way which is quite impressing considering that it’s the total opposite of straight lines and perfect corners.

This was an awesome group of quilters who did very well at throwing everything they had learned about quilting to the curb, and having fun while creating beautiful artwork.

Thank you for a great day, ladies!


  1. Dette så skikkelig spennende ut. Tusen takk for at vi får se.

  2. Fantastic class. I am sure they were thrilled. xox

  3. Looks like fun! Love the results.