Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I was running errands for hours yesterday with a long list of things that had to be picked up or dropped off, sorted by geography so I wouldn’t have to drive back and forth. Do you do that too, save up on errands so you can kill a few birds with one stone?

One of the things I had to pick up was tulle for the upcoming Layer upon layer Movement class in Kongsberg. The colours look rather delicious together, don’t they.

I have been working on a couple of samples for the class. This is the warm coloured sample that I made while husband and grandson were playing soccer this weekend. I don’t usually work when the boys are here, but with a little spare time on my hands I might as well do something useful.

Mmm, I love red.

I have also been unstitching some quilting lines on this challenge piece. I had been experimenting with low tension stitching and some lines had to be replaced with a more prominent colour. I quite liked the way the top thread popped out on the back when the bobbing thread was removed; maybe an idea to explore later.

The needle holes were barely visible on the black front,

so I had to stitch the lines from the back and go over them again from the front.

Oh well, the turquoise will pop now for sure. The quilt is almost finished, but I still have time to let it rest and figure out what else it needs, if anything, as I won’t have to ship it off until late February.

Now onto the stitching of the day – patching up three pairs of grandson’s pants. He has outgrown the fun and cutesy car and pirate patches now that he’s in school, so we have moved on to jeans and flag patches. Still a labor of love though.

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  1. Oh, I love those colors in tulle!!! There is a lot of work going into your classes. So good you are sharing!!! And yes, the list of errands done in a flash is always present. Although - I always forget one or two of them anyway....

  2. Your tulle DOES look delicious. And RED?? Is there anything better than RED? I think not.

  3. Love the red! and it is very interesting to see your quilting close up... still don't understand why you picked out those stitches.
    No more pirate patches? I'm having a second crop of grandbabies since my oldest married a younger woman (17 years younger!) and they are having a new little family. I get to make fun stuff for little people to tide me over to great grands (probably) pretty soon. (Oldest grandson is 21+)

  4. Gleder meg til kurs på søndag, med lag på lag. Blir hyggelig å hilse på deg.

  5. Love the tulle colors....they do look good and fin to play with. Grandson is getting so big! xox