Thursday, 14 November 2013

Different kind of Fabric Day

Today I am working with fabric in a different way. Our daughter is fixing up her living room furniture and today we have been taking everything apart that will come apart without the use of a crowbar and covering all that needs to be covered.

The dining room chairs are now ready for a new cover, and this is where my fabric knowledge comes in handy. And of course the fact that I have done this a few times before.)

As I enjoy working with my daughter very much, and I get to pretty up out of date furniture, this is a great day indeed!


  1. Ah reupholstery. have fun. xox

  2. Here it's called a "Win, Win".

  3. Nothing to brighten a room like some new upholstery. Way to tackle a project that would sit on my 'to do' list for years!