Thursday, 21 November 2013

"Green Movement"

I was writing this blog post on Monday afternoon, but then life came in the way. One of my family members broke an arm, and I have been spending lots of time with her at the hospital. We have had so much fun despite pain and nausea and deadly weapon hardware sticking out of her arm, but now she’s back home and I am quite happy to be out of those hospital corridors. Anyways, here’s Monday’s post - a little late.

Our house is quite silent today after a whirlwind weekend with the grandboys. There was a soccer tournament and grocery shopping and naptime and furniture painting and cooking and early mornings and everything else that goes with a weekend with two boys. I had cleared away my sewing machine to make room for some holiday crafting time with the oldest, and haven’t set it back up yet. It will still be there tomorrow.

The last month was rather productive though, and particularly the last week, so plenty to share.

I made a couple of new samples for the Layer upon layer Movement class before the class in Kongsberg, and here is the blue/green kit used with a green upholstery fabric. I quite like the rough texture of the background with all the delicate sheer fabrics.

The name of the quilt was a given with lots of repurposed and recycled fabrics.

Mother fell in love with this quilt, so I might have to make another quilt for her to frame as this one will be used as a class sample.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Nina Lise! Beautiful art quilt again! I love your fabric choise for the background! We should use and play more with different kind of materials. Thank you for inspiration and ideas! x Teje

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  3. you've inspired me today! Thank you.

  4. Får så lyst til å prøve denne teknikken. Kjempeflott!

  5. Fantastic movement in this piece...I feel like there is whirling and wind at the same time. xox

  6. It's wonderful that your Mum appreciates your work - it will feel great to gift her with her very own version of Green!