Friday, 22 November 2013

"Red Movement"

This is the second of the new samples which I made for the Layer upon layer Movement class.

This quilt has less contrast between the background and the “paint”. The warmth draws me in and makes me want to surround myself with lots of warm colours.

One of the things that I particularly like about the Movement quilts is that the overall look can easily be adjusted to the students’ colour preferences. The warm colour kit can for instance easily be made more hot pink or warm orange.

I don’t usually finish off the edges of the Layer upon layer samples so that the students can see all the different layers, but the quilts can be made into pillows or bags or wall art with or without a frame. They would also look fab in a bigger quilt-as-you-go wall piece like this mock up.

The purple quilt is the first draft ever and will be remade before the next Movement class, but it still looks quite good I’d say.

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Well I like the red, reminds me more of a rose, but the blues steal my heart. xox

  2. Lekkert! Synd at jeg ikke er i nærheten av Stavanger i februar. God helg!

  3. Wow - beautiful! Take care, Byrd

  4. You are truly a "fabric artist"! Love them all.

  5. Purples are fab! Of course, my fav is the red. Love the highlights of white (light) for accent.

  6. These are all wonderful! But I'm partial to the red one. Wish I could come and take your class.

  7. These pieces are brilliant and I absolutely love them. I think your class must be so much fun! Collaging with fibre is the best and I should really do it more. LOVE the red.