Thursday, 5 December 2013

New Queen in town

Although I often free motion class samples (except the projects for the Layer upon layer classes), I typically will address other finishing options for those who are not comfortable with free motion quilting. Instead of only talking and sketching such suggestions, I am working on new non-free-motion quilted samples for different classes.

The “New Queen in town” is my last addition to the Funky Fowl samples. She is residing on our couch right now as her colours are very seasonally appropriate. A brand new Christmas Chick; well, why not.

This is my third pillow using Dorrit who still is my favourite of the Funky gals. Sorry about the colours, good natural light is not a given these days.

You can see the other two Dorrit pillows here and here.


  1. This Christmas chick is really adorable! I love her :-)

  2. Kjempefint. Det er en riktig julefugl.
    Vakre farger.

  3. And she does look very queenly in her brilliant colors.:)

  4. Love your Queen... they always bring a smile.

  5. Your funky fowl are amongst my favorites in your art!!! I love them all!!!! And this lady is sure lovely!!!!

  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to the Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop!