Monday, 9 December 2013

Power stitching

Through how many layers of stuff do you think your machine can stitch?

Well, mine will handle more than I thought possible when creating my annual quilted Christmas quilt-cards.

Here we've got a 3 layer quilted base with a strip of linen appliqued in the middle, so that would make it 4 layers in the middle. Then we've got a piece of chunky hand woven linen. Then we've got a piece of highly textured wall paper. And to top it off - a little 3 layer heart cut from leftover quilted scraps.

Can it do it? Yes indeed, it can!


  1. You are so creative and giving. I just get my picture cards ordered and send those out.:)

  2. OMG! That's a lot of layers... Very pretty layers.

  3. - den som berre hadde fått julekort frå deg!