Tuesday, 10 December 2013

YumYum Cousins

December is flying by and so I am, working my way through my Christmas-want-to-list. I am quite happy with the progress so far, but, as it happens way too often, I keep adding want-to's to my list.

Anyway, here are the 6 YumYum Cousins that were finished a few weeks ago.

Remember my whining about boring zippers? Well, these made perfectly fine YumYum mouths.

Some of them have been given new homes already while others are anxiously waiting for Christmas.

Looking at the pictures I think some of the noses are too small, so I’m going to remember that the next time I make them.

Grandson was also invited to a girl’s birthday party, and she, of course, had to have a girlie pencil case.

The colour is light purple although it looks more greyish here. I first added pieces of the zipper off-cuts as eyebrows, but they bothered me.

They were removed the next morning and two buttons were added to the ears instead.

Much better.

She’s still here though as grandson got sick, and instead of going to a birthday party, we stayed home playing UNO which happens to be one of my favourite games. Lots of fun.

I keep thinking that I want to make a YumYum tutorial, but I never seem to find time while it’s still daylight. Oh well, only a few days until we are heading in the other direction light-wise.

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  1. Cute little bags! I've been making lots of hats this year.

  2. Så morsomme disse var. Takk for at du viser oss alle dine flotte og humoristiske arbeider.

  3. These are all so fun! Looking forward to your tute someday.

  4. Absolutely delightful! They are sure to put a smile on the faces of whoever receives them. Hope your grandson is all better now x

  5. Yum Yum Girls, too! I love the earrings. You are right, they were much better. Brows made the bag too grumpy. Add a strap for the teens. I know a granddaughter who would love one.

  6. Love the yum yums, wish you were my grandmother....xox