Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Whip card of sorts

I had to whip out a few more Christmas cards this morning. The deadline for mailing them in time for the holidays was yesterday, but having been a bit under the weather lately, I did not make it on time. It will be fine, they always set those deadlines with a few days to spare, don't they?

Even with an abundance of quilted cards (or so I thought), I ran out before making it to the bottom of The Not Naughty But Nice List this morning, so while chewing my way through lunch, I did a little light stitch & paste.

These are super simple: pretty scrapbook paper and leftover wall paper- and quilted fabric hearts from the quilted cards, stitched together with a button and pearl cotton floss. The Christmas greetings were written on circles of paper made with a paper punch, and glued to the back, covering the thread. Whip, whip and done.

I understand that writing physical Christmas cards is a becoming a lost art. Not so at our house, it is a tradition that I appreciate, and besides that, I love making little greetings when time allows, 'cause The Not Naughty But Nice List seems to grow each year.

How about you, are you keeping the Post Office in business this year (not counting online fabric shopping)?


  1. No shopping... but YES we did keep the USPS in business. They are getting so expensive. Might look for a different - private enterprise - way to ship stuff next year. Maybe that's less expensive...?
    Cute cards! Definitely from an artist.

  2. I didn't manage this year but by New Year Ill do it just three cards for beloved people. ;) Your cards are so lovely ;)

  3. These are delightful! I have made cards but am not sure if I will get them in the post on time!

  4. We don't make our Christmas cards like your fab. ones, but we do send out picture cards every year! We do our best to keep the Post Office hopping.:)

  5. A beautiful ornament arrived here yesterday and is now on our tree. Thanks so much. My act will arrive after the new year as always, no rushing to get it out this time of year. xox

  6. Love your cards!
    I used to make a New Year’s card every year, but now I’ve sent cards that I bought from different illustrators and designers.
    The number of cards I receive is getting less by the year.

  7. I really like these cards and wish I was as crafty as you. My cards are bought....but I do MAIL them along with presents. I was just wondering yesterday if next year I should send money instead of gifts as the postage is ridiculous. NAH...that would be any fun.

  8. Such cute cards. I hate to admit it but I haven't sent Christmas cards for several years now but I sure do like that tradition. I really need to plan way ahead and make some cute ones to send next year.