Friday, 13 December 2013

The Gym Bag

So you’re walking around in a store looking for something and a curtain catches your eyes. It’s a roller blind so it’s not like you can use it in a quilt, but it has the logo of your precious grandchild's favourite soccer team all over it.

Of course you purchase it, because there is only one left and you get it really cheap as the hanging hardware thingies are long gone. You carry it home and look at it.

Ah. Can you see it? It’s a gym bag/soccer practice bag in the making. Of course!

You remove everything non-fabric, cut it apart, add a little cotton fabric as the material is too stiff to be drawn together, and voila
you have an awesome drawstring gym bag that will make a little boy the envy of his soccer mates. I can't wait to see him opening this on Christmas Eve.

I have more curtain material left, so there might be a couple of best mate gym bags in my future - or maybe something totally different. We’ll see, but I’m sure I’ll have fun figuring it out.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Perfect gift from the best Grandma! Love all the hearts. Sewing with daughters is sooooo much fun. Looking forward to the tutorial on the hoot bag. Would love to see the faces of all the recipients. Man it is cold here. Wish I didn't have to work so is perfect weather to hibernate in my sewing room and enjoy myself.

  2. Great re-purpose of something that I could not have imagined. xox

  3. Just a very cute idea, and perfect for a gym bag.... !!!
    Those grandchildren.... I'm sewing a football quilt, and had to order some football fabric from US, to get the right image, :-)

  4. What a kismet that you should find the curtain in the first place!

  5. Hei!Gjett om han blir glad og kry!Har selv en mann som er besatt av det laget!Så til 40 årsdagen,mange år siden laget eg en stor og romslig toalettveske til han.Han hadde en musematte med logoen på,var til å tegne,finne stoffer i riktige farger,grønnfargen ingen enkel sak husker eg.Så var det til med symaskinen og stoppefoten med all skrift osv.Brukt siden,og den skal eg si han tar vare på du,i forhold til mange andre ting,Kjøp nytt,pytt,pytt!God Jul med hilsen fra Quiltegleder Margrethe

  6. As they say in soccer - Scooooooooore!
    Way to go, Nina.

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