Thursday, 30 January 2014

Going backwards

They say you cannot go back, but that is not quite true when it comes to quilting, is it. We can actually go as far back as we want, and pick up right where we left off. That is, if we can remember what we were supposed to do next.

My grandma’s old rocking chair sits right next to our dining room table. It has been painted and reupholstered twice, but these days you cannot tell. It is covered with tops and wips and ufos and special fabrics and whatnots. Don’t need to finish it right now? Into the pile it goes.

My recent need to finish one of them for an exhibition set me off on a rediscovery journey right there in my own chair. I have enjoyed myself immensely.

When making class samples, I often choose not to finish them. Sometimes I’d rather just have a top as it travels more easily, other times I’d like to show my students the different layers. I have finished two of the layer upon layer quilts this week, making invisible bindings, and I was on a roll and wanted to keep going. A third sample has been made into a pillow, which, by the way, will only be for show as it’s not washable.

One of my goals this year is to keep improving my zipper skills. I had the perfect fabric for the back of the pillow, but it was only 12”. All righty then, I have wanted to master those mid-back-zipper closures, so off we go.

It actually worked very well, so well that I will take progress pictures next time and do a tutorial. Can you tell that this is a black fabric?

You almost can when put next to the reverse side.

I also auditioned leftover binding from my Big Box of Binding for a scrappy binding on another sample, and found quite a few that would work. I now have plans for this unloved painting with fiber piece. It wasn’t very successful anyway, so I’ve got nothing to lose. A brilliant starting point for some messy experimentation I’d say.

I tidied up the Big Box while I was at it, and now I have two layers of neatly rolled and folded binding.

Aren’t they just delicious!

I have some pictures to take today; hopefully the wind doesn’t start up again before daylight - or at all. The weather has been ever so cold and windy, and I understand it’s pretty much the same all over the place. Brrr.

Stay warm and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your experiment with the nubby yarn. Very interesting.

  2. Cold, wind, cold wind, yup. Love those binding rolls, candy for the eye. xox

  3. I always like seeing your quilty posts - those bindings do look lovely. I avoid wherever possible putting in zips - yours look pretty much perfect to me :)