Monday, 24 February 2014

Baa Baa

What first ignited my love for sewing was a costume which I made for my, at the time, three year old daughter for a costume party. Shrovetide is typically celebrated here in Norway with, among other things, costume parties at day-care centres and schools, and daughter’s day-care centre was no different. I purchased pink, blue and white solid fabrics from which I made a clown costume, and then turned the scraps into a tiny little copy for her doll. Colour blocking, elastic waists, big collars, big buttons, and they both actually fit.

This was way before digital cameras, although I am sure I have some photos of her with her doll somewhere, but that’s not the point. I can still remember that proud feeling when looking at her in her perfectly fine costume, which I had made all by myself. From there I moved onto bigger and more, how should I put it, designed, projects, but costumes always had a special place in my heart. Over the years I have made lots of Pippi, Tante Sofie, princess, queen, Esmeralda and Teletubby costumes, all well worn and well loved, and all by my preferred method of choice – winging it.

Now the days when my daughter and nieces wished for new costumes are long gone, and store bought costumes are easily available and really cheap, so I was very happy when I came up with an idea for a Timmy costume for grandbaby’s birthday a week ago.

It looks rather simple, but took the better part of a Sunday to make – black tights and t-shirt and a homemade vest made of white “fur” and black fleece. The fur had a stiff coating on the back to make handling easier, but it washed right out leaving the fabric soft and cuddly.

Being a little rusty, I started with a full body suit pattern for measurements, but it didn’t fit my idea at all, so I went back to winging it.

All edges, including the neckline, are covered with bias tape, making it more washing machine friendly. It has little splits in the sides,

a zipper closure (!!!),

a black hood with long floppy ears,

and a little tail.

He was the cutest little lamb at his birthday party

although the hood was a big NoNo.

Friday morning I got to take him to the costume party at the day-care centre.

He even wore hood for photography.

Proud grandma moment indeed.


  1. Super cute! Looks perfectly comfy too.:)

  2. How very cute this turned out and he'll be loving the hood as he gets a little older. Good job, Grandma.

  3. very cute! I've made more than a few little boy costumes in my day.

  4. So adorable....yup, proud grandma xox

  5. Oh sew cute! I'm afraid I don't "wing it" very well myself although I have made a few costumes that way. Lots of trial and error tho.

  6. You are amazing - winging it. Sweet little costume, and so practical, a good set of clothes for cold weather anytime. He should get lots of wear out of it.

  7. So cute, especially the little ‘tale’