Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Totally uncool

This weekend we enjoyed a few wet and cozy days at the cabin. The schools are on winter break here, but there was not much more winter up at the cabin than down here. It was grey and rainy and just perfect indoor weather except for our mandatory patio soccer matches. It’s quite a sight, I’ll tell you, and we’re having loads of fun.

It’s quite interesting how different the days feel when you’re not at home; the pace is slower, you can sit down doing nothing and not feeling bad about it, you have time to make waffles, and just let time float by.

One of the things I enjoyed very much was picking up my totally uncool project- the Slow Silent Stitch Project. Yup, while everyone else is busy repurposing and recycling vintage needlepoint projects, I’m making brand new ones. Totally unhip and uncool. I’m sure that my family appreciates the silent part though, and it is much less messy and unsocial than spending the day with my machine.

This is a scrap project. I threw lots of odds and ends of non-loved colours in a basket, drew up a design, and although I’m sure I had a master plan way back when, I’m making my colour choices as I go. Sounds familiar?

There are many reasons why I fell in love with this particular art form a couple of decades ago, and these are a few:
- Only two tools required: a tapestry needle and a pair of scissors
- Endless design possibilities. Seriously. Endless.
- Very portable
- One piece of canvas lasts forever
- Relaxing
- Mistakes are easily corrected
- Yarn in every colour available

Some designs requires some math skills, like this one fitting a 40*40cm (16"*16") form if I remember correctly

Others are simple shapes drawn directly onto the canvas

You can create a painterly effect or simply fill the shapes with colour like in a colouring book. The stitches totally transform the boring canvas; you just need to envision what it may look like and go for it.

On this canvas I outlined the design with one colour, and am filling in the shapes with whichever colour I fancy using.

When I have yarn left over after finishing a shape, I simply start stitching somewhere else.

The colours are mainly rather muted and soft with only a few pops of brights. The contrasts vary from low to high, making the design appear and disappear.

I really wanted to take it home to finish it, but I managed not to. It’s supposed to be a Slow Project and thus shall not be rushed.

Hmmm, I have been looking for a Slow Project here at home too, didn’t I stash away a blank canvas and some red yarn somewhere…


  1. I used to do rug hooking as a slow project, but it's tough on the wrists. Hand stitching is now my meditation. Nice, clean stitches, love Mickey! xox

  2. Det er lenge siden jeg gav opp brodering, I den form du viser. Men når man har motiver som patchwork, da blir det jo en annen sak, eller?? Lykke til. :-)

  3. This is beautiful! My Mom used to do some of this kind of work. Always nice to have a nice slow project with no deadlines or stress.

  4. I'm inspired! It's beautiful!

  5. Your design is stunning. I made needlepoint pillows for years, but then quilt-making took over. I only made two of my own design; the rest were kits. I admire your sense of creative possibilities with needlepoint. I will try to resist the urge to pick it up again now!

  6. Love your design, and the colors are lovely!