Sunday, 2 February 2014

Movement at Gausel

Saturday was a good day, as most days spent in company with quilters are. We created movement of all sorts – both visually and physically as I had them jumping off their chairs ever so often. Sitting still at a table for hours on end is not good for anyone, although I do get my exercise of the day teaching any class.

Here are some pictures from our Layer upon layer Movement day. Look at those colours coming to life.  I provide three different colour ways; the rest is each student's work. Aren’t they absolutely fabulously gorgeous even half way through the process!

The room was totally quiet for big parts of the day. Quite an accomplishment I’d say, keeping this lot of fun ladies silent.

Looking at their works of art in progress, would you believe that none of them had worked with these materials and technique before?

Teaching Layer upon layer classes is pure bliss indeed!

Thank you, ladies, for your awesome attitude and company, and for letting me share my joy of this technique with you!


  1. Her var det jo mange flotte resultater. Det var en supert kurs, som ga meg lysten til å prøve ut forskjellige stoffer som ikke er typiske quiltestoffer. Problemet er at jeg har så lyst til så mye og så liten tid til å realisere det.

  2. Hei!Oj men det såg kjekt ut.Kurs med deg skal eg på når det dukker opp i nærmiljøet,og eg har fri,og eg har fått med meg at det er kurs!Nydelige bilder!Beste hilsen Quiltegleder Margrethe

  3. Love seeing them ALL together!

  4. Just beautiful!! Kudos all around...brightened my day!

  5. What fabulous results - they obviously had a very good teacher! I do have a funny image of them all jumping up from their chairs though :)

  6. Lots of finishes - they were busy, to say the least. To be silent that long they must have enjoyed the process, and I love the results. They made a beautiful "quilt".

  7. So fantastic!! I just love seeing these.